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Bienvenidos! Welcome to Rancho Los Banos, in northeast Sonora, Mexico, a mere 55 miles south of Arizona. We are considered Mexico's Premiere Adventure Guest Ranch, offering National Park-like scenery and world-class, truly unique horseback riding, canyon hiking, nature and much more!


Rancho Los Banos, or Ranch of the Springs in English, is a privately owned 30,000 acre adventure guest ranch and cattle ranch located at the foot of the Sierra Madre, the Mexican Rockies, just 55 miles south of the southeast Arizona town of Douglas in safe, secure northeast Sonora, Mexico [we offer transfer from Tucson to the Rancho and back], centered at the crossroads of the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts. We are a scenic nature and adventure travel destination and pristine wilderness preserve enveloped by some of the most unique, inspiring, diverse and spectacular desert landscapes anywhere. We are a real, genuine ranch for real, genuine people. At the ranch, guests stay inside 30,000 acres of exclusive, serene, remote, quiet and protected wilderness.

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Active guests with a love of the outdoors, of ranch life and of nature find in our ranch a unique land in a unique location, offering unique and exclusive adventures including world-class horseback riding and canyon hiking. If you love the outdoors, adventure and nature, horseback riding, hiking and thrills, and having an active, engaged and fun vacation, we are the ranch for you. Of course our relaxing atmosphere, with a serenity, quietness and tranquility not found in many places, is also quite the draw.

The ranch is a new generation guest ranch, combining traditional guest ranch activities with nature and adventure travel principles, in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner, while at the same time providing great thrills, adventures, challenges, excitement, relaxation and fun for our guests. Besides being ranchers, we are also an adventure travel outfitter and tour operator, offering guided world-class hiking and horseback riding, among other great activities. We are outdoors enthusiasts, horse lovers and guides that just happen to have a private 30,000 acre wilderness area and working ranch that combines great adventures, accommodations, all-inclusive plans, round-trip transportation, diversity and scenery, and service/hospitality that is hard to equal.

New and Old Friends on their Adventures

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"We are a new generation guest ranch for a new generation adventure traveler." We are redefining the way you think of guest ranches, creating a guest ranch experience for the new century, filled with unique outdoors adventures and active experiences, letting our guests be as active, or as relaxed, as they want. We offer our guests both the flexibility and freedom they deserve, making stays at the Rancho refreshing and unique.

We are a 21st century guest ranch located in one of the most scenic and unspoiled spots in the Americas. We live with Nature, not at its expense, conserving, not exploiting the land, always placing people over profit, helping make our ranch Mexico's premiere, and best managed, adventure guest ranch.

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Join us for a truly off-grid, wire-less experience where the only lights at night are stars and the only sound is the incredibly silent and serene symphony of Nature. Escape the wired world, the world of gadgets and gizmos, of screens and smartphones, of emails and phone calls, leaving the buzz and confining space of the city, and its overwhelming array of stimulus, and enter an adventure for your senses, your spirit, body and your mind, allowing yourself to experience a vastness seldom seen, in a wilderness remote, secluded and pristine. Visit us and enter the natural world, and prepare for an adventure of a lifetime, a world of challenges, thrills, education, excitement and fun.

Combining the best of nature travel, adventure travel and guest ranch activities and adventures, Rancho Los Banos offers a unique and exciting travel destination, setting it apart from the typical Dude Ranch or guest ranch model. We offer adventure, and National Park-like scenery, at every turn, whether you are horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, fishing, trekking, canyoneering, wildlife spotting, taking our adrenaline pumping jeep ecotours or simply enjoying miles of breathtaking scenery and landscapes.   

The Scenery and Land of Rancho Los Banos

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We are not a typical resort guest ranch or Dude ranch. What we are is an original Mexican working cattle ranch enveloped by some of the most visually stunning and unspoiled scenery and landscapes anywhere.  We live and operate in complete safety and security, in close proximity to Arizona, catering to adventure, outdoors, guest ranch and nature travelers, letting beautiful wilderness be our entertainment, combining modern adventure and nature travel ideas with new school, guest ranch thinking.

With our rates, packages and our otherworldly, exotic, unspoiled and scenic natural setting, combined with a Mexican flair, authenticity and hospitality that is second to none, you will have an adventure vacation that is as original, unique and exclusive as it is unparalleled.  Indeed, there is nothing quite like Rancho Los Banos, and your vacation will be as unique, and exciting, as the ranch itself.

At Rancho Los Banos, you are an individual, not a number or anonymous guest. Here you are a fellow nature lover, a fellow horseback rider, a fellow hiker, a fellow adventurer, a fellow nature photographer and a fellow outdoors enthusiast. Here, you are a fellow kayaker, trekker, canyoneer, adventure runner and backpacker. Here you are family, and a welcomed friend. Join us in celebrating the wonders only Nature can provide and envelope yourself in beauty that captures the mind and captivates the spirit, in adventures that make you feel alive, in a setting that replaces ordinary with extraordinary.

Riding at the Rancho

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Here at Rancho Los Banos we offer many unprecedented activities and adventures appealing to all ages, all abilities and all interests. Here at the Ranch we offer hiking, trekking, canyoneering, bouldering, climbing, geocaching, camping, bird watching, horseback riding, kayaking, boat tours, fishing, fly-fishing, jeep tours, thermal baths, ancient petroglyphs, mountain biking, nighttime safari, wildlife spotting, campfires and stargazing. We offer quiet solitude, rest, relaxation, peace, tranquility and an escape from modern life. We offer adventure in your vacation, an opportunity to leave ordinary and monotony behind and experience a place you will not soon forget. This is no ordinary vacation; this is Adventure Travel at its very best.

Whether your stay brings you here for a few nights or one week, for horseback riding or for hiking, for great bass fishing or for ancient pictographs, for rest and relaxation or for all-inclusive adventures, we know you will leave this magical land reenergized in mind, body and spirit, fully satisfied that your trip was a great experience to be repeated once again.

Past guests to the ranch feel as if they have traveled back in time 100 years, to a period where slow was good, stress was non-existent, nature was unsurpassed and unspoiled, and the world still seemed pure and uncorrupted. Guests feel interconnected with the land and its inhabitants, and appreciate the isolation and tranquility of being miles away from civilization. In fact, many guests have compared the scenery and terrain of the ranch to Zion, Big Bend, Arches, Moab, Bryce and Sedona, though with its own unique landscape and otherworldly wilderness. It has been called a mini Copper Canyon. Many guests feel as if they have enjoyed a vacation at their own personal National Park, a unique and original landscape that in unlike anything else on the planet.

Riding and Landscapes

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Today, this timeless, magical ranch is open to the public. The owners of Rancho Los Banos, the Valenzuela family, invite you to experience a work of art made by Nature herself. They invite you, in true Mexican hospitality, to pay Rancho Los Banos a visit. They feel that no masterpiece should be hidden from humanity, even one carved both by the hands of time and the elements.

We have opened our gates in the hope that this cherished land can be enjoyed by all. With our offices located only a stone's throw away from Arizona, with roundtrip shuttle service provided from Tucson, we are eager to answer all your questions, take you down to the ranch, and show you the adventure of a lifetime.This is the place where adventures begin and memories are made.

At Rancho Los Banos, you will experience scenery, adventure and tranquility that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Within our 30,000 acres you will find an incredibly diverse land with numerous ecosystems and habitats, each as distinct as the next, offering landscapes and vegetation combinations that make our ranch unique. During you time with us you will experience, quite simply, a return to Nature, to a period of times past, away from modernity, away from the stresses of daily life, into a world of sheer natural beauty.

Views Seen Hiking our Many Box Canyons

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Yet we know that our ranch is not for everyone. We are secluded, away from it all, in remote, wild, rugged and vast wilderness that is far removed from city noises and city lights. We are away from the wired world but connected to the natural world. We are not a typical 200 acre guest ranch meant for mass consumption. Here, distances are vast yet the views endless. Roads are wild yet thrilling. Nights are dark yet amazing. The quiet is profound yet deafening. The wilderness is desert yet exotic. One cannot imagine 30,000 acres until experienced first-hand. Our adventures are in unspoiled wilderness, not in manicured, trimmed, populated, artificial and controlled settings. This is what makes us special, and unique. These are some reasons why Rancho Los Banos is one of the world's ideal adventure travel destinations.

Hidden for centuries from the growth of humanity, protected by true conservationist and environmental stewards, Rancho Los Banos remains one of North Americas and the Southwest's best kept secrets, a hidden jewel few have seen, a combination of natural beauty, unspoiled habitats, untamed land and serene peace and tranquility. Rancho Los Banos is truly a land that time forgot, commonly described as a land lost in time, the last frontier, and some of the wildest country you will ever see.

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