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Wildlife making their home at the Rancho

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 Wildlife Spotting

 Among the most enchanting of our adventures, and a real pleasure to experience, are the chance encounters with our wildlife, the natural inhabitants of the ranch that add to the character of the land. Whether on one of our many hikes or trail rides, in a jeep ecotour or stroll around the ranch, there always exists the opportunity to run in and spot one of our natural critters. Depending on the time of the day, the exact habitat and ecosystem you find yourself in, the elevation you are in, chance encounters are more common than you might think.

All around you will find evidence that the desert is alive with animals. Hiking canyons always presents myriad number of prints, some fresh, some older, but always a reminder that the canyons are home to many species. Animal scat also reminds us of the circle of life, and of the omnipresence of our wildlife. The occasional carcass also reminds our guests that the ranch is a wilderness area, far removed from cages and barriers separating us from wild animals, a place where adaptation and evolution, as well as survival, are a constant reality.

At the ranch we have five species of cat: mountain lion, bobcat, ocelot, ring-tail cat and the occasional, migrating jaguar. Additionally, in the mid-elevation hill country live many jackrabbits and coyotes, along with bobcat. Our high elevations are home to black bear, Gould’s turkeys and Coues’ deer. The canyons come alive at night with ocelot, ring-tail cats, mountain lion, gray fox, skunk, badger, porcupine and javelina. The one constant, especially in the desert, is that wherever there is water, there is wildlife.

Wherever you go while visiting us there is always a strong possibility of running into one or more of our desert critters. When we do see them, it is a thrill and a pleasure to see these magnificent animals in their natural setting. Wildlife spotting at the ranch is a highlight, a great adventure, our version of a desert safari.

Wildlife photographed using our Trailcams

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Click Here for our Birding List

Los Baños is located in the middle of an important north-south migratory birding corridor that provides the ranch with a magnificent assortment of bird life throughout the year. This birding corridor encompasses land from the Chiricahua Mountains in southeastern Arizona all the way south to the important Los Alamos sanctuary in southern Sonora. Located in the middle of this aviary migration superhighway, and having a total of 35 natural, year-round springs, in addition to creeks, wells, dams, watering holes and cattle feeders, Los Baños has become a permanent fixture and stop for many varieties of bird species.

Combined with numerous bird habitats, including majestic El Cajon Canyon, El Pinito foothills and the miles long El Alamo/El Palmarito river bed system, with topography encompassing many ecosystems and elevations (elevation range from 3,200 feet to 7,400 feet inside Rancho Los Baños), and the immense birding opportunities presented both in unspoiled Lake Angostura and in the isolated, yet spectacular Bavispe River, it is easy to see why this region of northern Sonora is poised to become a true birding mecca in the years to come.

Rancho Los Baños is ideally situated less than one mile to both the lake and river, with expeditions available to explore either, or both. Our boxed canyons, diverse riparian habitats and high and middle elevation terrain are sure to give any avid birder a spectacular display of birding opportunities. In addition, the sheer beauty of the scenery and spectacle of the land and all it has to offer, combined with great birding and numerous adventures, are sure to make your trip 60 miles into Mexico well worth your time, effort and hard-earned money.

The ranch’s vegetation make for an ideal birding hot spot. From riverbed, riparian habitats, full of sycamore, walnut, cottonwood and mesquite trees, to our boxed canyons, with temperatures and ecosystems more fitting to temperate climates rather than desert habitats, to open desert terrain full of ocotillo, organ pipe cactus, desert palm trees and mesquite, to mid-elevation hills full of lush grass and bush trees, to high elevation mountains full of oak and ponderosa pine, Los Baños offers the avid birder a great opportunity to see myriad numbers of diverse species.

Whether you are here for two nights or one week, whether you explore one canyon or many, one riparian habitat or many, whether you need a birding guide or want to explore on your own, we believe you will not be disappointed both in the scenery and the birding opportunities. Whether you decide to go on one or both of our Angostura Lake and Bavispe River expeditions or whether you decide to stick to 30,000 acres of dry land, we hope you will leave here fulfilled and excited that you have discovered a new birding hotspot.

Whether you sign up for other adventures or come here strictly for birding, we know you will leave wanting more, ready to come back to take advantage of all adventures and activities Tierra Chamahua EcoAdventures can provide you here at Rancho Los Baños. We are confident you will love the scenery, the tranquility, the birding and the service. Northern Sonora birding has never been so close, so safe, so convenient and so full of possibilities.

Whether you come here alone, as a couple or in a group, we will welcome you with open arms. Here, you are family. You are in Mexico, after all, and our hospitality is second to none. Nowhere else in North America can a bird enthusiast be presented with a combination, and the easy availability, of a large, isolated lake, a boxed canyon river (excellent riparian habitat) and 30,000 acres of diverse ecosystems and elevations, all located in the middle of an important avian migratory corridor. The possibilities for birding are endless. With this playground at your disposal, you are sure to thoroughly enjoy your stay with us. What are you waiting for? Sign up today and start birding!

Group rates are available upon request. For a description of our adventures and expeditions, please click on the Adventures section and choose an activity. For rates/prices, please go to the Rates/Accomodations section of the website. For availability, please click on the Availability section. For an idea of what the ranch, lake and river offer, please watch the videos provided for you. And, as always, please do not hesitate to contact an adventure consultant for additional information and questions.

* For a list of the large bird population (migratory and stationary) present inside the ranch, please click HERE.

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