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Nowhere in the southwestern United States or northern Mexico does there exist a lake so isolated and unspoiled, yet so pristine and beautiful, as exists in the Rancho Los Baños vicinity. A stone’s throw away from the ranch’s border lies Lake Angostura, a man-made dammed body of water twenty miles long and three miles wide surrounded by mountains, mesas and canyons, helping to make its scenery some of the most spectacular of any lake in North America. Combined with excellent year round weather, inspiring scenery, its strategic location in the middle of an important migratory bird corridor, its near total isolation and seclusion, and its abundant and high quality bass fishing, Lake Angostura is an outdoorsmen and nature lover’s paradise.

Located at the foot of the Sierra Madre, Lake Angostura was built in the early 1930’s by the Mexican government as a Great Depression project seeking to employ hundreds of workers. Its construction was overseen by the same engineers and architects that designed Hoover Dam. In fact, the road that circumvents Rancho Los Baños was built as part of the Angostura Dam project, and its incredible durability remains a testament to the excellent work these men did almost 80 years ago.

For almost 80 years Lake Angostura has helped provide irrigation water to countless farmers and ranchers that live and work near the Bavispe River. It has helped sustain villages and towns, some hundreds of years old, that line the banks of the river. In addition, the lake has provided above average large mouth bass fishing to fishermen for decades. Lake Angostura has become a hidden gem in Sonora, as well as with some circles of southeast Arizona, for the high level, abundance and quality of its fish. Yet its abundant supply of bass is not only due to its great weather and location, but because of its complete isolation and lack of stress on its fish population. Indeed, rarely will you see even one boat on the lake. In fact, when on the lake, you will most likely be the only person on the water, not just that day, but probably that month.

The inaccessibility of the lake to the general public is perhaps the best reason why Lake Angostura remains a virgin body of water, a true hidden gem in the middle of the border of the Sonoran and Chihuahan deserts. While the general public struggles with very rough roads and the distance to reach the lake, along with non-existent lodging facilities, concluding that great fishing and scenery are not worth the hassle, you will not have to deal with any of those issues as a guest of the ranch. Rancho Los Baños is a mere mile away from the lake, with direct access to the water. From your cabin, tent or lodge, you are minutes away from one of the best kept secrets in the region, ready to enjoy this majestic body of water, hassle free, enjoying a large lake that will remain all to yourself.

Through Tierra Chamahua EcoAdventures, you will have the opportunity to explore this spectacular lake and its surrounding scenery. This awe-inspiring environment, on calm, pacific and completely isolated water will reinvigorate and reenergize you. It will feel as if you have your own personal lake, a water-filled playground empty of people, noise, exhaust smell or civilization. You will feel the interconnectedness of water , air and land with you. Desert lakes are rare; desert lakes devoid of jet skis, motor boats, people and modern life are almost non-existent.

Whether you are experiencing a calm guided tour of the lake and its arteries on a boat, kayaking on calm water for miles along its shores, exploring amazing half-submerged canyons, enjoying a serene picnic on the shore, taking in sun rays while laying on shore, observing large numbers of migrating birds or spending hours fishing, nothing will beat the relaxation and pristine scenery provided by Lake Angostura. Only Tierra Chamahua EcoAdventures, with Rancho Los Baños acting as base camp, can provide this level of service. This near exclusive use of the lake assures our guests of experiencing nature at its finest: undisturbed, unspoiled and immaculately beautiful.  With great lodging, vehicles at the ready and all meals provided, all  you have to do is enjoy the lake. Being the only person or group on a massive body of water is quite the thrill.

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